I feel touched without ever using my senses,
I feel lifted without ever catching a gust of wind,
I feel full without ever eating a single bite,
I feel insane without ever losing my mind,
I feel empty without ever filling my cup,
This emptiness is reserved for a single thought,
A single entity,
A single being,
Does this essence even deserve this feeling?
I know it to my being,
But everything I'm seeing,
Is an illusion only creeping,
Spiders on my back,
The venom is seeping,
I start to relax,
My heart slowly beating.


Fragile and delicate,
Like a fall flower,
Waiting for its petals to drop,
Waiting for its scent to be lost,
Water and food no longer give it strength,
The only option is the hottest temptation,
The sun,
Offers emancipation,
We run,
Towards inhilation,
Reunite with our forgoten ancestor,
Insight to our origins and moniker.


Body aching like the last mile of a marathon,
Mind is numb like injections from doctors that are too far gone,
But only one thing can quench the thirst of this soul,
Medicine that goes beyond chemical potence,
Beyond simple physical sensations,
Enters metaphysical realms rarely explored,
Less than our infinitesimally small grasp of the universe,
Massaging my soul towards blissful comfort,
Soothes my pain with a simple smile,
So distinct,
It can not be mistaken for an imposter,
Causing me to use all my senses,
Takes me to a land more mystical than any I can dream of,
A land I never want to leave.


Shortly about us

about us - trees
After being born into a post soviet world filled with chaos and instability, trees was constantly on the move for a better life, some continuity. Coming from a background of anxiety caused by the constant need to flee, trees hopes to spread harmony with beautiful works of art, music and poetry. Art that can cause us to simply stop and think.

Make Art not War.

- trees


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